Welcome to Commandox

Welcome to a truly decentralized exchange where vetted and verified assets are only a few clicks away. COMMANDOX.PRO gives you access to tokens, coins, cryptocurrencies, assets and many other values that are traded daily, 24/7 on the SDEX.

Aside from the SDEX minimal native fees, COMMANDOX.PRO charges you nothing to trade, wether you are maker or taker, it does not matter, all you need is a few XLM to trust assets and start trading. Currently 1 XLM can power about 100,000 transactions.

Unlike most of the exchanges available, we will never issue our own token in order to push customers to buy them with the promise of lowering fees. Since we have no fees, we have no need to insult you with this gimmick.



We make awesome stuff.

Through COMMANDOX.PRO might feel like a standalone exchange, it is actually just a graphical user interface that runs on the Stellar Network and give its users access to the Stellar Decentralized Exchange. This is the reason why you need just a few XLM to power your account, trust assets and conducts thousands and thousands of trades.

Luna Blockchain Solutions is the tech company that created COMMANDOX.PRO. They provide blockchain services to many organizations and startups involved in the crypto sector. As believers in the greatness of the Stellar Network, Luna Blockchain Solutions decided to contribute by creating an awesome GUI for the SDEX.


COMMANDOX.PRO has no add-on fees, this means that as long as you have a few XLM (three to five) in your account you will be able to conduct hundred of thousands of transactions and trust assets that you want to trade and hold. So you spend, currently, less than 1 USD in XLM and you never have to pay for another trade in your lifetime.

On the Stellar network you must add a trust-line to each asset (other than XLM) that you want to hold or trade. This operation costs 0.5 XLM. It is a network fee, not imposed by us. So let's say that you add a trust-line to WSD (US Dollar) and to ABDT (Atlantis Blue Digital Token), you will need to spend one time fee of 1 XLM for these two operations. Having 2 XLM in your balance will now allow you to make around 200,000 trades. It just doesn't get better than this!

Getting Listed.

We carefully vet each new project that wants to get listed on COMMANDOX.PRO as our users expect us to. We will always keep a file on Founders/Co-founders that will have your contact information and identification, video file and other references. If your project is truly legit, than you won't have any issues with these requests.

There is an exception to these requirements and those are for very prominent projects which have received the blessings of stellar.org, or are driven in full or in partnership with a well know international company or financial institution. Two examples of this are TEMPO and Anchor USD.

If you want to list your asset, please contact us by email , thank you.